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Really cheap light meter

Tips and TricksPosted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg Sun, September 25, 2011 22:40:49

I don´t use this allot so I wanted something that is quite accurate, light weight and cheap.

Looked at ebay and found allot of these Lux meters that was really cheap and also light weight.

Lux meter is a light meter that´s only give you a number on how much light there is (Lux number).

So it don´t tell you your exposure time for a camera.

But after some googling a found a nice chart that shows Lux numbers to exposure times.

The first chart gives you a EV-number from your Lux-number.

EV-number + F-stop gives your exposure time.

I got mine for about 10 dollars and I found this to work quite well.

Downside to this is that it don´t work with a flash and these cheap one only meture down to Lux 1, so this don´t work for really lowlight.

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